Sunday, December 30, 2012

My #OneWord2013: Commit

Over the past several days, I have been reading tweets and blogs about people's success in achieving their #oneword2012 and couldn't help but remark to myself that I should have made that commitment as well. Unfortunately, like many others I'm sure, I am great at committing (or over-committing) in certain aspects of my life such as work, school, and relationships, but not so much at keeping my own personal commitments. 

This blog is a perfect example of my lack of commitment in the past. I was advised back in 2010 to begin blogging, but felt that I didn't really have very much to say, so after my first post I more or less gave up. Since then, there have been many times where I have thought about writing something, but didn't know where to start, so I let that dissuade me. 

Since 13 is my favorite number, I feel that 2013 may be the year to live up to my own commitments, and begin practicing what I preach so often to the residence students I interact with on a daily basis.  This brings me to my #oneword2013
My commitments to myself in 2013 include:
- reading one academic, educational, or student affairs related publication per month (not for work) #12in12
- writing one blog post per week (even if I don't feel I have anything important to say)
- posting once per day on my Tumblr account about things that inspire me #postperday2013
- maintaining my budget, reducing my debt and increasing my net worth 
- researching and narrowing down #sagrad programs to (ideally) enroll for a 2014 start
- walking/running/biking 1000km in 2013